The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club


Brian Covell

We’ve recently heard that long time member and servant of the Bob Graham Club, Brian Covell, is unwell and has been admitted to Westmorland General Hospital with an as yet undiagnosed illness.

We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him once more walking his beloved hills.

Mend our Mountains

We received the following from club member Dominic Oughton who happens to be a BMC trustee.

I’m getting in touch to encourage you to support the BMC Access and Conservation Trust’s campaign Mend our Mountains. The campaign will use crowd funding to raise significant amounts of money for a number of mountain path projects spread across the country. Working with eight national park authorities, we aim to enable repair projects on some of Britain’s most significant summits, including Scafell Pike – the most iconic point on the BG. We’re targeting to raise over £100,000 in The BMC’s biggest ever campaign, and we need your support.

First and foremost, you can get involved by donating and receiving some fantastic rewards in return, at – Mend our Mountains. You can focus your support specifically for the Lake District. Please also promote the campaign to friends and contacts through social media.

Jan 2017

Here is a short summary of 2016's attempts and successes.

      There were 166 registrations (28 ladies) with 79 successful rounds (13 ladies).
      There were 76 successful clockwise rounds (13 ladies) and 3 successful anticlockwise rounds (0 ladies).
      Fastest times were 14:30 for the men and 18:54 for the ladies.
      The average age of successful contenders was 37yrs 11months.
      The age of successful contenders ranged from 20 to 55.

There was a resurgence in interest in winter rounds in 2016 with seven recorded successes, five of these were first rounds with that of Jasmin Paris being the fastest female winter round to date.

The ladies dominated the news during summer with Jasmin also recording the fastest female time which at the time was the fifth fastest ever time and Nicky Spinks becoming the first lady to complete a double Round also in the fastest time for that extraordinary feet. Rob Jebb posted the fastest every qualifying round with 14:30, only Billy Bland's record being better.

Previous attempts

Previous Total
0 67
1 11
2 0
3 1

Jan 2016

Here is a short summary of 2015's attempts and successes

  • There were 142 registrations (15 ladies) with 71 successful rounds (9 ladies).
  • There were 71 successful clockwise rounds (9 ladies) and 0 successful anticlockwise rounds (0 ladies).
  • Fastest times were 18:28 for the men and 21:51 for the ladies.
  • The average age of successful contenders was 39yrs 11months.
  • The age of successful contenders ranged from 17 to 56.

The table below shows the number of previous attempts made by each successful contender.

Previous Total
0 64
1 7

Jan 2015

Here is a short summary of this year's attempts and successes

  • There were 144 registrations (19 ladies) with 57 successful rounds (6 ladies).
  • There were 56 successful clockwise rounds (6 ladies) and 1 successful anticlockwise round (0 ladies).
  • Fastest times were 18:47 for the men and 22:46 for the ladies.
  • The average age of successful contenders was 39yrs 4months.
  • The age of successful contenders ranged from 27 to 53.
Month Successes
April 3
May 11
June 27
July 7
August 6
September 3

The table below shows the number of previous attempts made by each successful contender.

Previous Total
0 46
1 7
2 4
3 0
4 0

Notable completions this year included the first two rounds by Americans: Scott Jurek and Ricky Gates were successful in April.

Dec 2013

Here is a short summary of this year's attempts and successes

  • There were 147 registrations (19 ladies) with 65 successful rounds (8 ladies).
  • There were 63 (8 ladies) successful clockwise rounds out of 130 attempts and 2 successful anticlockwise rounds out of 17 attempts (0 ladies).
  • Fastest times were 19:25 for the men and 21:58 for the ladies.
  • The average age of successful contenders was 39yrs 11months. (This may be slightly low as a few didn't supply their age)
  • The age of successful contenders ranged from 24 to 56.
April 1
May 7
June 34
July 17
August 4
September 2

The poor weather early in the year led to a high failure rate. Things picked up in mid May and most successes were from late May to mid July with only a few successes later in the season despite the generally good weather.

The last successful round of the year was Jim Mann's (Member #1617) winter round in just 18hrs18. Jim already held the fastest time (due to the variability in conditions we talk of "fastest time" rather than record) but this takes over two hours off that time and is the first winter round under 20hrs.

Aug 2013

Tickets for the biennial dinner are now available to existing members.

More information and a downloadable ticket application form may be found on the members' information page.

Oct 2012

Here is a short summary of the attempts and successes of 2012.

  • Registrations: 136 (cw=125/ac=11, M=120/F=16)
  • Successes: 72 (cw=67/ac=5, M=63/F=9)
  • Fastest time: 17:59
  • Fastest Ladies time: 20:48

Overall, successes were fairly evenly balanced throughout the April to August period though as ever the weather played a big part with the majority of April and early May attempts being successful and the late June to mid July seeing a large number of delayed successes. In fact the prime weekends around midsummer were a complete washout and many attempts were cancelled or rescheduled. There were only a small number of sub 20hr rounds but the majority of successes were in the 21:00 - 22:59 range. Start times fell in to the usual groups of 0000-0100 and 1800-1900 there being no significant difference in success rate between the two.

One notable round was that of Nicky Spinks who on 28th July, in less than ideal conditions, lowered Anne Stentiford's record for the standard round of 42 peaks to 18hrs 12mins.

Bob Wightman

May 2012 update:

Various news items follow below. First, a short tribute to our retiring Membership Secretary Brain Covell from our Chairman Selwyn Wright:

Brian Covell Retires

It is with some sadness that I report the retirement of Brian Covell from the role of Membership Secretary which he had held most ably and efficiently since Fred Rogerson stopped doing everything himself back in the late 1990s. For the last 15 years all registrations and completed ratification forms have gone to Brian for 42 Peak Rounds whether successful or otherwise.

Brian had been a stalwart member of the Committee for a number of years before that, and could always be relied upon for a thoughtful and calmly expressed opinion on any subject under discussion. Similarly with any task which he took on, most recently with the reprint of the '42 Peaks' booklet, the Committee were always assured that the job would be done on time and within budget, and furthermore that the job would be done to the very best of Brian's ability. One job which Brian had done for years, and which members were entirely unaware of, was the restocking of '42 Peaks' to all our Lake District retail outlets using the 555 Bus Service from his Kendal home with the aid of his bus pass to cut costs!

On the Committee we shall miss Brian hugely, although we will hope to continue meeting up with he and Ann at our Reunion Dinners. We very much hope that members and prospective members of the club do not miss him quite so much. The Club has been most fortunate to obtain the services of Bob Wightman, a well known Bob Graham figure and for many years a member of llkley Harriers to take on the role of Membership Secretary and we are hopeful that, under his guidance, the development of our electronic systems will continue.

This change will take place immediately and Bob's contact details are contained in the Guidance Notes found elsewhere on this site.

I'm sure you will all join with me in wishing Brian a long and happy retirement!
Selwyn Wright, Chairman

Membership Secretary

Bob Wightman takes over as Membership Secretary with immediate effect. In the short term, registrations will still take place manually, but Bob has plans to move to an electronic registration and ratification procedures, and will post occasional updates on progress on this page of the website.

Please bear with him as he wrestles the technology into submission.


With completions running into the high 80s in the last 2 years, the volume of paper which the Club receives by way of reports on successful attempts has increased accordingly.

Wynn Cliff, who is an Associate Member of the Club, has volunteered to fill a new role as Club Archivist and the Guidance Notes request that as well as sending a report of a successful attempt to the Membership Secretary, the report should also be sent to Wynn by email at

Wynn will also be taking over the store of records and papers previously held by Brian Covell and will be hoping to bring some order to these items for us.

Earlier News ...

Wasdale Parking Arrangements

The Club has been contacted by the National Trust, which owns and operates the car park at Brackenclose. Many Bob Graham Round support parties make use of this facility.

The NT have been experiencing a number of problems at Brackenclose, some of which have been laid at the door of BG round support groups.

For those groups who do chose to use the Brackenclose car park, please remember that you MUST pay for the time you park there in accordance with NT tariffs; BG support teams are not somehow exempt, unless vehicles belong to NT members or life members and the member has their proof of membership (car sticker/membership card) to hand. The current tariff as at November 2008 is £3.00 for 2 hours, £4.00 for 4 hours and £5.00 for all day parking.

Please also adhere to all other NT rules that govern the operation of the car park whilst you park there.

Please remember that Brackenclose is a car park, not a camp-site. Please do not pitch tents or other forms of temporary shelter in the car park. This disrupts the normal operation of the car park and the activities of those people who wish to use, and are legitimately using, the NT facility. The NT owns and operates the campsite adjacent to the car park. If your plans include sleeping overnight, please use the campsite on a normal basis, adhere to any campsite regulations and respect the other campsite users.

Please also ensure that you always respect other users of the car park and any NT staff with whom you come into contact. Please also co-operate with NT staff. If BG support parties are asked by NT staff to behave in a way that is consistent with NT rules and regulations, please do as they ask; don't argue with them or subject them to any form of rudeness.

Thanks for your co-operation with these issues.

72 miles or not?

The Bob Graham route over the basic 42 Peaks was at times in the past regarded as over 100 miles long. The early pioneers settled on a figure of 72 miles with 27,000 feet of ascent. The use of mapping software and GPS devices has led to a re-evaluation of the distance of the 42 Peak Round. Mapping software gives figures as low as 61-63 miles. GPS systems (which have been carried and operated throughout several successful attempts) give a figure of between 65-66 miles. The traditional ascent figure seems to be more accurate, though some calculations have produced a figure of 26,000 feet. The distance continues to stimulate debate depending on how it is measured, but a figure of something between 60 and 66 miles is more accurate than the traditional 72.

Whatever the correct mileage figure, when coupled with 42 peaks and all that ascent and descent, it is still a long way!